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  • Oct 23, 2021
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Isn't the title of this blog enough to perplex you? Are you holding your breath? Then I assure you that you will learn something important about marketing today. What comes to mind when you consider marketing? Forget it, whatever it is.

Stop reading for a moment and visualize that you have an unlimited bank balance right now and that you want to spend it on all the luxuries of life. I assure you that you already have several brands in mind. This is known as marketing!

Confused? Now, ask yourself a question. Who taught you the definition of luxury? Who made these brands the epitome of luxury? Were these brands always available? If not, how did they become a symbol of luxury?

Marketers Mindset

To clear up this confusion, you must first understand what a marketer is and how his mind works. So let's start with what a marketer can never be. Please fasten your seat belts because the ride will be a little bumpy. To put it simply, a marketer is never a follower. He is a leader, and a leader is never a blind believer in anyone. Aside from that, he is an optimistic creature who sees everything as an opportunity to get closer to his goals. He is a researcher eagerly awaiting the results that will propel him closer to his goals and ambitions.

He is not moved or impressed by people; he simply observes them. He learns to obtain keys for locks, which will allow him to open new doors and become a better leader. Marketers understand that a character is not blindly followed. Instead, marketers research the foundation and characteristics of that character. Through those studies, he adds value to his target audience. In short, they are impressed by the traits he has adopted rather than the person himself.

Was it a bit harder to understand? If yes, then you surely need a marketer. You need a specialist to take care of your marketing stuff.

Marketing Specialists Are Perfect in Fantasizing

To control other people's fantasies, you must be a perfectionist in creating your own. The Airbus ACJ320neo, Bentley Bentayga, or iPhone did not exist from the beginning of time, so what happened? Let me explain what happened. Someone fantasized about making a plan, car, or phone that is more than just perfect in every way. Ultimately, it becomes a symbol of wealth.

Let us illustrate this with a quote from Steve Jobs: The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.

A Perfect Marketer Sets Trends Rather Than Following

It isn't easy to establish trends. As a result, most traditional marketers simply float a boat down the river and ask you to check the speed. You can get a boost here for a while, but it won't help you in the long run because you're only controlling the boat, not the river's flow. Though we, as marketing experts, do not claim to control the river's flow. It's as implausible right now as claiming that humans evolved into monkeys. Yet, even though it is unrealistic, we still fantasize about doing so. You may be wondering what the difference is if we don't control the flow. Instead, we create opportunities to go against the flow and achieve our objectives.

Reality Distortion Field

I hope you will agree with me here; opposing the flow is the most challenging thing, whether social problems or marketing. But trust me, it's not impossible. Once a marketer has studied the traits and created a foundation based on them, they can be confident about it. The "Reality Distortion Field" is the most crucial thing because you have to challenge the status quo now. The opposition will be a constant on this journey.

Leaders Use RDF For Turning Fantisies Into Realities

To persuade people to undertake the impossible, leaders must occasionally distort the facts a bit. Take Jobs, for example; he was so good at it that he created a name for it. Apple's Vice President of Technology, Bud Tribble, described Jobs ability to bend the truth and encourage others to achieve the impossible as a "reality distortion field" while addressing Jobs ability to bend the truth and inspire others to do the impossible (RDF for short). This specific ability was so strong that RDF appears 34 times in Walter Isaacson's official biography, Steve Jobs. The truth is that all great leaders, such as Jobs, utilize this talent frequently. This capacity to inspire their community made them successful – and it'll be your biggest asset in creating wealth for you.


Marketing is always about pushing the boundaries, creating and living dreams that seem irrational to others but make perfect sense to you. It's about creating new objectives for others that seem to be infinite and impossible to achieve.

If you are still unsure about the idea, don't hesitate to contact us to learn more about marketing and how we do it.

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