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  • Sep 10, 2021
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"Design is as much an act of spacing as an act of marking." These words were spoken by Ellen Lupton, a graphic designer, curator, writer, critic, and educator. Graphics designers visualize, project, and create art and you’ll find each with their unique sense of style but surely that doesn't mean any one of them can create what you’re looking for. This guide will help explain where, when, and why you need one.

When Should You Look For A Graphic Designer?

  • If the design element currently being used does not truly capture and reflect the values your business holds dear.
  • If proper brand identity is lacking for your company.
  • If you find trouble in expressing creative visual insights for your brand, then that means you need to start looking for a good graphics designer ASAP!

But we went on and made you a list of some questions you need to ask yourself.

  1. Do I often post on my social media handles?
  2. Do I have something to be designed frequently?
  3. Am I truly satisfied with the current visual representation of my brand?
  4. Does my creative content have little to no engagement?
  5. Have I noticed any inconsistencies in my brand?

If you’ve answered mostly yes then you need to hire a professional graphic designer.

Understanding Different Types Of Graphic Designers

The most common misconception people have regarding graphic designers is that they can take on any project. That's like asking your plumber to fix your roof, it's simply not viable. Each designer comes with their specialization, their forte.

Graphic Design is an umbrella term, an amalgamation of multiple sub-categories ranging from web design, app design, logo design, poster design, package design, brand design, and so on. By recognizing the different elements involved in graphic designing you can then choose which specific skill set best suits and is required by you. We’ve prepared you a list of a few different types of designers, each specializing in a particular segment of graphic designing.

  • Web Designer
  • Front-end Designer
  • User Interface (UI) Designer
  • User Experience (UX) Designer
  • Animation Designer
  • Motion Graphics Designer
  • Art and Illustration Designer
  • Brand and Product Designer

As the name suggests a logo designer designs well logos, but so can an illustrator, even though their true forte lies elsewhere, they won't be as good as the prior. The same applies to app and web designers, they will excel in designing UI/UX-based projects but will most probably not be up to par with the rest.

Freelancers VS In-house Designers

Pros And Cons Of Hiring Freelancers

If you are a small to medium-sized company, hiring a freelance designer would probably be the right choice for you. They can prove to be a cost-effective solution as you only need to pay them on a project-to-project basis or whenever you have design needs. Apart from that, they can even be contracted based on their particular specialization which is best suited for you.

The biggest hurdle you’ll face when hiring a freelance designer is that it takes effort and time to hire the right graphics designer who can truly portray the essence of what you want to be portrayed. Another downside to hiring freelancers would be the lack of familiarization with your brand, which means extra time will be wasted to brief them about what your brand wants to represent. And since they technically won't be your employee, making last-minute changes or holding last-minute meetings won't be possible for them. It’ll prove to be hectic for you as well because you'll be communicating with them, managing deadlines, handling their payrolls, so you’ll become a part-time project manager too in a nutshell.

Pros And Cons Of Hiring An In-House Designer

Hiring an in-house designer would be the right choice for you if most of your design projects are pivotal to your brand. An in-house designer can truly understand and encapsulate your brand's identity into the design element. And since they are only working for your brand they will be able to devote their time completely to you.

The only regretful part about hiring an in-house designer is the cost. Even though the level of vigilance and observation they can put into the work would be exceptional, the cost is still great nonetheless especially for start-ups or a relatively new company.

What A Graphic Designer Does And Doesn’t Do

A graphic designer is responsible for creating visuals concepts for you or your brand. So, while a graphic designer can create a website for you, that doesn't mean he can code the back-end too; he’s a graphic designer, not a magician. Thus, know the difference. While most graphic designers can input ideas they’re not bona fide marketers, they will need your guidance in shaping the brand identity or leading the creative strategy.

How To Tell The Right One Apart

Graphics designers are creative problem solvers that look outside the box, they often seek to work at a place where they can learn, grow and hone their skills. One of the sure-shot ways of hiring the right graphic designer is to communicate your brand mission and brand values.

Weeding Out The Bad Ones

One of the biggest advantages of being clear on your brand values is you’re making it clear what sort of people you expect to work with and if their values align with yours then congratulations, you’ve found what you're looking for.

Display Your Mission / Values On Your Website

Remember to post your brand values and mission on your website as well as on any job description because if you don't then it is a clear example of not embracing what you preach to others and is a very big red flag for people applying.

Where to Find A Freelance Graphic Designer

The internet has made life easy, almost anything you want is just a simple search away and it's no surprise that there are different websites, agencies, and freelancers providing their services. Websites like Fiverr, Upwork, or Guru have tons of freelancers you can hire best suited to your specific need. You can even hire agencies like Key For Designs that can create personalized graphic designs just for you. In a nutshell, the internet is in abundance with these services providing platforms and individuals. We have created a list for you to easily explore and choose which is the best to represent you and your brand.

Job Boards:


On-Demand graphic designing


Logo Design


Create Compelling Job Posting

Just simply saying or posting online that you require a graphics designer won't do, you want people to line up to work for you. We’ll show you how to create an attractive job posting that’ll make your brand shine.

Make it as exciting as possible, don't just write a bland heading and say “looking for a graphics designer”. Take some time out to research other similar vacant positions and see how they crafted their heading.

A good headline includes:

  • Which exact position is being filled
  • Perks/Benefits of joining

An example of what NOT to write:

  • Designer needed! Apply now
  • Designer needed at insurance firm

Now it's pretty clear from these about what not to write when creating a compelling job post because these sorts of headings don't encapsulate and capture the reader and therefore they tend to ignore such offers.

An example of a good headline is:

  • AI Integrated IT Solutions agency is looking for Designer - Above Market Rate Pay + Health Benefits
  • Hiring Cook with 3+Years of Fine Dine Experience - Competitive Salary + Transportation

If you were looking for a job and you came across these job headlines, it's no question that you’d go for the one which is clear and specific about the position and perks involved.

Mistakes To Avoid

The key to getting a successful design being made is ‘communication’ and we can't. Emphasize. This. Enough. Communicate what you want and be clear about it. Provide constructive criticism and feedback to the designer, shy away from leaving your designer unanswered because then you’ll be left unsatisfied with what you paid for. So remember, establish clear goals while highlighting the key necessities that are imperative to the design.

Explaining Your Content

Providing your graphic designer with a complete picture of what you want to be incorporated into the design is important, from your mission, target audience, brand identity, color scheme, font, theme, vectors to music. Because the more you communicate, the better the results.

Things To Do Before You Hire (Avoid These Pitfalls)

So now that you’ve completed the whole recruiting, reviewing, eliminating, and interviewing process for either a freelance or in-house designer, it's time to establish boundaries. Recruiters often find themselves trapped in a pitfall because they didn't take the time to establish boundaries. We’ve prepared a checklist for you of the things you should make clear before giving them the all-clear.

  • Establish A Clear Time Schedule: make sure to clarify how many hours you expect them to work AND what you expect them to comply by.
  • Discuss Payment: Be clear of how much you’re going to pay them for their services, don't assume they already know. Make sure to have a discussion, agree on it and get it in writing.
  • Ask If They’re ‘Exclusive’: Clarify beforehand if you want them to work full-time with you or if you don't want them to work with other clients during the period you’re utilizing their service.
  • Communication Platform: If you're hiring a freelancer then this is important. Be clear about which platform to use for communication, how long it should take them to respond. You need them to be responsive and dependable.
  • Sanctions For Inconsistencies / Unresponsiveness: Be crystal clear if you are going to implement this policy, don't be obscure about it or try to hide it in some guideline book.

Why On-Demand Graphic Design Is Better

On-Demand graphic designing is simply a way to outsource your graphic designing needs. Nowadays a lot of people are moving towards outsourcing as it holds many benefits as well.

Key For Designs is one of the few leading On-Demand graphic designing websites which create personalized designs best suited for your brand.


Hiring a graphics designer means paying an average of $25 per hour, more or less depending on the individual skill set and specialization of the designer. That’s an average of $4000 per month! Key For Designs offers graphic designing solutions for you as low as $99 so call us now or sign up to get your offer. Now that's saving!

Branding consistency:

Having your unique style of branding is important, but what's equally important is making sure you’re consistent with it. Having a consistent identity helps create and promote brand trust while attracting a greater audience to engage with your content. People also tend to subconsciously associate a brand with a sound, a slogan, a color scheme, or even a design style so it's important to be consistent with them because soon people will start identifying you by your unique style.

Copyright Ownership:

Putting out content is one thing but publishing it yourself is another. Through On-demand graphic design, you can get complete ownership of your customized designs along with a higher conversion rate as your audience will appreciate the extra effort.

Quick Turnaround:

Through utilizing the services of On-demand graphic design, you can save time as well as money and get your fix of designs and revisions.

So give us a call at Key For Designs or contact us here to get started on unlocking your true potential.

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