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Our mobile app development service

Our mobile development process entails producing installable software packages (code, binaries, assets, and so on), integrating backend services like data access through API’s, and testing the app on target devices.

Step One


The first step is to establish the goals and objectives of the mobile app, short term and long term both. Then researching demographics, your competitors and then deciding on which mobile platform to create the app on, either native or hybrid. All to create a roadmap, keeping in mind functionality.

Step Two


Now we move on to create the apps architecture which will serve as a basis for better conceptualizing, understanding and preparing the prototype. We’ll build the project's style guide and create the remainder of the screens when the primary screens' designs have been approved.

Step Three


For this stage, we decide the application architecture based on functional needs. Then we develop the backend that will support the app's functionality. And lastly, select the frameworks, libraries, and off-the-shelf solutions that will be utilized in the project.

Step four


Now we’ll move on to the basic testing stage where we’ll rigorously test the application in layers, on the basis of functionality, behaviour and design. Apart from the basic testing, we conduct performance, security and usability tests to weed out any bugs or potential errors.

Step five


Last is the deployment stage where we launch the app on either Google’s play store or Apple’s app store, or both. After their review process, the application will be available to download for your target audience.

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