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Now it's time to establish your digital presence and we at Key for Designs are here to help you achieve it.

We create personalized strategies for each customer which encases all their needs and requirements to create a more holistic experience for users.

The designs we make are made to shine and stand out from the rest not just in terms of quality, visuals, and functionality but in all aspects.

We provide industry competitive rates while offering state of the art digital solutions for your brand.

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Our social media marketing service

We’ll design, run and manage campaigns on your social media handles with optimum reach, engagement and ROI.

Step One


We start by researching your brand, your competitors and your industry to get a sense of what your market needs are.

Step Two

Social Media Calendar

We’ll design a social media calendar which will compromise all the posts which are to be designed according to your customers needs. We’ll then compile and send the social media calendar to you for approval.

Step Three


After getting the approval of the social media calendar, we move on to the design phase where we design the posts for your social media handles and campaigns.

Step four

Posting, Ads and Community Management

We’ll post according to your audience's demographics and run ads accordingly to get the maximum number of reach, impressions, engagements, and conversions. We’ll also carry-out community management for your desired social media handle to better engage with your audience.

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