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Now it's time to establish your digital presence and we at Key for Designs are here to help you achieve it.

We create personalized strategies for each customer which encases all their needs and requirements to create a more holistic experience for users.

The designs we make are made to shine and stand out from the rest not just in terms of quality, visuals, and functionality but in all aspects.

We provide industry competitive rates while offering state of the art digital solutions for your brand.

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Our video animation service

Our professional animators pay close attention to your narrative line, key ideas, and concepts, allowing you to stay one step ahead of the competition.

Step One


To write the script, we first need to understand a few basic aspects such as what kind of video should it be? What is the goal of the video? Who will it be targeted to? What should be the video's overall mood? Along with a bunch of other questions. We write the script keeping in mind the audience's pain points.

Step Two

Storyboarding and Style Framing

After completing and approving the script, we design a sequence of images describing the whole composition of the video. After the approval of the storyboard, we’ll move on to developing key style frames. The client can add his own comments, modifications, and specifications.

Step Three

Illustration and Voiceover

At this step, the entire illustration is meticulously designed and presented to the client in a static form. Alongside illustrations, the client has the option of adding voiceover. They can choose the voiceover artist themselves or we can do it for them.

Step four


For the final step, our dedicated team of designers piece the video together, add motion, sfx, and music to breathe life into the video. After the video is completed, it is presented to the client one last time to make sure everything is according to plan.

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